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Plans, Projects and Praise

Senrty Box

We have been busy getting lots of little 'tidying up' projects done recently.

  1. Please pop down and look at our newly finished brick paved area to the back of the kitchen. It would be a good spot to sit with a coffee and look at the trees.
  2. We are holding our VINTAGE RALLY on Saturday 27 February 2021. This will be a daytime rally with visitors bringing exhibits of treasured vehicles and other restorations, plus a Searchlight Party in the evening. Lunch and dinner will be provided through our Museum kitchen, plus we will also make visitors aware of other local places to visit, stay, eat and drink. I hear that local accommodation is already booking out, so we will help visitors to locate somewhere to stay in the vicinity.
  3. Our new verandah over the front entrance has been completed. Thanks Phill. It will help with inclement weather and makes the place look very nice indeed. As one of the items on our five year plan (2021 to 2025) we are very pleased to have it finished.
  4. One of our volunteers, David (pictured above), has built a sentry box which currently sits near the front gate of the Museum. Have a look. It’s super!
  5. Some people who came to visit us last year, Mike and Gina from Toodyay, then contacted to say they would like to volunteer with us. They have a very specific skill that is being applied rigorously – they are cataloguing items and labelling them in a way that would make the WA Museum proud. I suspect they will be around for a while (coming and going) and we welcome them. What a generous gift of their time and skills to a community outside of their own.
  6. Also thanks to the boys who continue to come and 'do stuff' to the General Grant tank. They are blasting, scraping, bashing and fabricating. Good on them, and thanks for all your skills and dedication. This is a long term project and we will watch it with interest. If you want to have a peek... you can find the tank in the sandblasting shed at the Northern end of the museum.

      Visitor Interest

      The Museum committee had a long hard think and decided that we might have to open on an 'appointment only' basis over January as a number of our volunteers were going away. In the end it was almost always open due to the couple of regulars who man'd or woman'd the premises – thanks! Visitor numbers were low, but they came with good humour and left us comments worthy of reprinting.
      For those visitors who make the journey we have tea and coffee for a gold coin donation and a biscuit or two for hungry souls. Have a look at our Ration Pack goodies in the fridge. Locally made and with profits going to the Museum.

      Comments of the month

      I have to start with the last message in the book this month, as it seemed full of mystery. To what was this young person referring? Tank? Whole museum? Canon? Vintage washing machine? Who knows… glad he liked it!

      "I wish I had one of those in my backyard."

      "Highly recommend this museum to any military enthusiasts; great and awesome. Love the Staghound."

      "Awesome. It’s fantastic to see all this amazing military and rural equipment in this collection. Inspiring work by everyone involved."

      "Could lose yourself in here."

      "It has been said that we should learn something new each day. Well today I learnt a lot. Thank you."


      • END OF YEAR BBQ: We welcomed a nice group of volunteers, helpers and members to a BBQ at the museum just before Christmas as a way of saying thank you. Chairman Gary gave a speech thanking all of us for our varied work (and told a bad joke).
      • We are adhering to the most recent COVID19 requirements and have the QR code displayed, as well as a register for those who wish to leave details in manual form.
      • The Drum Muster project has now been completed. The collection point is up and running and ready to accept those drums you have lying around. Make an appointment with Phill 0429 180 668 to have your drums checked.
      • Sending out our good wishes to our long term volunteers and past committee members who have been unwell. Jimmy and Jo, we are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.


      Volunteers are always welcome. We appreciate all of you. We will definitely need some extra hands with the Vintage Rally.

      Can you come before to help with set up? Can you come on the day and help by washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, checking the toilets for toilet paper, taking money at the gate? Any other skills or muscles and ideas of how you can help will be welcomed.  

      When you get a chance please checkout and follow our social media pages @nungarinmuseum



      (08) 90465040 (please leave a message if unattended).

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