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Everything: A Work in Progress

Nungarin Museum Lotterywest Grant

We would like to acknowledge and thank Lotterywest and the people of Western Australia for granting $120k to the Nungarin Heritage Machinery and Army Museum – this generous grant is for an additional shed along the southern fence to further protect and preserve our growing number of exhibits, restoration projects and vintage farm machinery.

Everything is a work in progress and before we get to the fun stuff there are a couple of huge things needing to be done before we can commence shed construction:

  • our machinery 'shifting' equipment needs repairing 
  • the machinery sitting along the fence needs shifting

If anyone has seen the south fence area recently, you'll realise how enormous this job is... oh, this is a perfect moment to add this little hint (cry for help)... volunteers are always welcome at Nungarin Museum. We need and appreciate all of you.

Nungarin Museum South Fence
ABOVE: Nungarin Museum South Fence – CREDIT: Joel Waters Drone Photography

WISHLIST: Good Quality Used Hand Tools

The museum needs more hand tools in the workshop. Nungarin Museum has been advised TAFE donate their used tools to not-for-profit community groups. With this in mind, we are compiling a comprehensive list of what is needed so we can approach Merredin TAFE to see if they can supply us with some good-quality used hand tools. Wish us luck!

Campfire Dinners 2022

Campfire Dinner Experiences are back for 2022. This year, there will be two chances during winter to be part of this unique, immersive event at the Nungarin Museum. Watch for 'save the date' and tickets sales!

Nungarin Museum Sunday Morning Breakfast

BIG Breakfast Sundays!

The breakfasts on Sunday mornings (except Market days) continue to be well attended. These mornings are a lot of work but they continue to be a proven source of good, regular fundraising.

Many thanks to all who help out. It's the place to be!

Our Visitors...

Visitors keep on coming in ones and twos and suddenly there's a bus full!

Did you know the Nungarin Museum Cafe is more than happy to cater a lunch for our very welcome tour groups – please remember to book in advance.

Nungarin Museum Volunteers 

We want to take this moment to thank you and say how much we appreciate all the hours you put in to keep the our doors open and everything running. Quite simply, we couldn't exist without you.

When you get a chance please checkout and follow our social media pages @nungarinmuseum


The Nungarin Museum follows all COVID19 mandates for your safety and the health and well being of our volunteers.


(08) 9046 5040 (please leave a message if unattended).

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