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Short, but Sweet!

Classify, Preserve and Record: The Nungarin Heritage, Machinery and Army Museum, among its objectives, must 'collect, classify and preserve historical relics, machinery, buildings and records relating to the history of Western Australia, and more particularly relating to the history of Nungarin and surrounding districts'.

Plans and Projects

This is a short 'n' sweet newsletter. We still have plans and projects, but for the moment we’re regrouping after a busy few weeks.
White Ants: We have a plan to tackle a few pesky white ants. With all our armoury we should succeed! (The ants don’t know we have a Stuart tank!)

ABOVE: Half Track rides through the Salmon Gums 

Wow! We have we been busy.

The Museum had a group of around fifty folk from the Military History Society come on Saturday, 4 September 2021. They were very impressed with our guided tour and enjoyed a lunchtime feast of burgers, scones and orange cake.

That same evening, we welcomed thirty seven lucky-last ticket holders to our Campfire Dinner – the final dinner for the year and, like we thought, the word is now out and people were lining up to attend – we even had to turn some away!

A HUGE thanks to the vollies who have helped Kaye with her plan to take over the world of campfire cookery. Diane makes amazing dampers, Ray does all things set up wise, Gary has been chief letter reader, Des led the tour of the museum, David helped with finding seats for our child visitors and on this particular occasion, Cody helped with reading the letter (as Gary was taking a well earned break). Thanks a million. We have had almost one hundred people (plus volunteers) come along during for the Campfire Dining Experience and enjoy this unique, immersive event.

What Our Visitors Say...

Jamie-Leigh and Andrew(re the campfire dinner) – Good laughs, especially from the man in the crowd singing excitedly and oh, so loud. Thanks for having us.
Eric and Maureen – Great times, lots of memories.
Craig – a great day out.
Martin – Important part of Australia’s history.
Nick – Unbelievable after 25 years? Well done! Exquisite.
Liz and Patsy – excellent display, a lot of dedicated work put into it. So glad to see history has been preserved.

Drum Muster

Call 08 9046 5040 and leave a message to book your Drum Check Appointment.

The collection point is ready to accept those drums you have lying around. Make use of this facility – it’s far better than putting drums into landfill.

Volunteers are always welcome at Nungarin Museum. We appreciate all of you.

When you get a chance please checkout and follow our social media pages @nungarinmuseum


We are keeping up to date with COVID19 requirements.


(08) 9046 5040 (please leave a message if unattended).


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