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Volunteers, Local Heroes and Tanks


The Nungarin Museum has so many things on the go at the moment!

Can you believe we have had FIVE visiting volunteers from out of the area come and lend a hand for a period of time in the last week?

Gina and Mike from Toodyay who continue with their excellent cataloguing; they brought their friend Ron who did a number of tasks as requested.

Then there's Rob and Helen, from Halls Head, staying for two weeks and lending a hand in a few areas – they have been helping with cataloguing and are going to work on some video footage for us.

These people come as strangers and leave as friends – they are also benefitting the town as they are eating out and having a drink locally as well as popping into our local businesses. Make them feel welcome please!

Grant Approval

We received a grant from Mia Davies through her Local Heroes programme. We requested a grant to purchase and install an additional EXIT sign and to buy three large fire blankets. We are grateful for the grant to purchase these items.

Tanks and Thanks

Narny – Volunteer from Broome – Sandblasting Guru

The tank continues to be a work in progress – thanks to the boys who get covered in dirty stuff and call it fun!

Narny (pictured), a regular volunteer from Broome, is our sandblasting-guru... would love to know how much 'De-de-de-Decore' it takes to shampoo his hair!

New Projects

Our lovely new glass cabinets have been installed in the wireless display room. These were funded by a grant from Department of Veterans Affairs. They look amazing and they now hold the catalogued wirelesses.

Repurposing: We are going to put some screens on the ends of our outdoor paved area to 'flash it up' a bit. You might be interested to know that the screens, which are in the process of being painted, are from a harvester and apparently function to shake the chaff from the grain. (I thought they were gigantic cheese graters but have been educated – thanks Gary, and no, I don’t mind giving you a laugh!) This is a win-win project – we use something that might not have otherwise been utilised and we create a contained space that looks cool. Give us a couple of weeks and then come and have a look.

Watch this space: We’re in the process of developing a new event to provide tourists with a unique experience !

    What our visitors say

    Just a few cooler days and our visitors start arriving. Isn’t predictability a wonderful thing! Most visitors come from the Wheatbelt at the moment, however we are also getting plenty from around the state and even a few from over the borders.

    Recent visitor feedback:
    Fantastic museum. Congrats to the volunteers. Hang on to the history.

    Enthralled. Incredible display, well done. Incredible, friendly volunteers.

    Can I please drive a tractor next time? Wow how amazing!

    Absolutely fantastic, displays are amazing, well done.

    Brilliant; so much memorabilia.


    • We are adhering to the most recent COVID19 requirements and have the QR code displayed, as well as a register for those who wish to leave details in manual form.

    • The Drum Muster project has now been completed. The collection point is up and running and ready to accept those drums you have lying around. Make an appointment with Phill 0429 180 668 – leave a message or text if he's unavailable to have your drums checked.

    • BIG Breakfasts are held each Sunday except Market day – 8am to 10am. $10 for a huge brekky with more on the plate than your local GP would recommend.

    Volunteers are always welcome at Nungarin Museum. We appreciate all of you.

    When you get a chance please checkout and follow our social media pages @nungarinmuseum



    (08) 90465040 (please leave a message if unattended).

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